Because we all have a story to tell, we wanted to highlight some of our Covet models by sharing little snippets of their lives. We have found that in this process of starting our business, it's not the physical inventory that brings us joy, but rather the connections we have made and the ability to learn and grow ourselves by listening to others.

Meet Katrina

We stumbled upon Katrina's page and it was a match made in social media heaven. One of those serendipitous instances where the gram can lead to a wonderful connection. 

Her infectious upbeat personality and unfiltered insta-stories are a treat. Katrina wears many hats (some of which she may have knitted herself) including working in healthcare, motivating others as an online health coach and most recently, IVF Warrior.

Her journey with IVF is raw and fully documented for the world to see on her page (bravery at its finest) so as to make the process an outlet for others that might be struggling in their own journeys.

Katrina shared with us some thoughts on how she felt the fashion industry has evolved in the last few years. "There are so many breakthroughs, so much inclusion and awareness that everybody is different but beautiful"

This girl thrives on music and you can always count on her for a spare hair tie (yes please!)

Her advise to her younger self is, "You are stronger than you know, and your longing for acceptance starts with accepting yourself."

She is not a fan of winter, but tries her best to enjoy the season every year. If she could eat one meal the rest of her life it would be leftover spaghetti, and you are almost certain to find her in lounge wear (amen to that).

If Katrina were a guest on Ellen, the song that would play as she danced her way to the stage would be, "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten because it reminds her she always has "a little more fight in me".

You got this girl!