Because we all have a story to tell, we wanted to highlight some of our Covet models by sharing little snippets of their lives. We have found that in this process of starting our business, it's not the physical inventory that brings us joy, but rather the connections we have made and the ability to learn and grow ourselves by listening to others.

Meet Nicole.

We have a long history of fashion and friendship with this lady.

Our journey together started at the mall where we all worked retail and discovered that even with the industries sometimes ugly undertones, Nicole could keep her cool and was always ready for the day with a smile and positive attitude.

Nicole recently became a mom in August, (check out the Beckham sweatshirt, named after her precious babe) and is finding that dry shampoo and coffee are her new best friends! 

Along with all the glamour of motherhood, Nicole is lucky enough to experience the ups and downs of breastfeeding. We loved that the features of the flex woven fabric and concealed snap buttons on her signature shirt allowed for a seamless opportunity to feed her little one.

Nicole's advice to her younger self would be, "Take chances, don’t be afraid, you will survive, it will be okay in the end." 

If Nicole was a guest on Ellen, her entrance jam would be "Born this Way" by Lady Gaga, because it inspires her to embrace who she is and love herself for it.

Through all of life's ups and downs she can always put a positive spin on things and is not ashamed to admit that wine helps the process! 

We asked Nicole her thoughts on how the fashion industry has evolved in recent years. "Honestly, what I’ve noticed is exactly concept of Covet Leisure. Cute, fashionable, athletic clothing that is “acceptable” to wear to the grocery store, or to a sporting event."

We couldn't agree more!

Check out the Nicole’s name sake top here